1 August – 2pm

Moderator: Jorge Hildenbrand- SBGf President
Participants: Antonio Lage (SPE), Gilmar Vital Bueno (SBG), Juan Soldo (EAGE) and Sylvia Couto Anjos (ABGP)

This Panel will gather presidents of scientific societies related to geosciencies to discuss themes pertinent to activities that require geological/geophysical knowledge and the following themes will be discussed:

  1. The labor market of geoscientists and how to deal with the seasonality inherent to the industry;
  2. Undergraduate and graduate professional training and the need for update by continuing education;
  3. Possible demands for knowledge that are coming up with the advancement of technologies, especially with the IT resources integration;
  4. Initiatives to attract and retain new members in the Societies;
  5. Proposals for cooperation among Societies for the benefit of their members.