1 August – 9:30 am
Opportunities and challenges for the E&P sector in Brazil
Moderator: Ricardo A. Rosa Fernandes (Institutional Liaison Secretary, SBGf)
Participants: André Araujo (Shell Brasil Petróleo Country Chair), Lincoln Guardado (Queiroz Galvão CEO) , Mario Carminatti (Petrobras E&P Executive Manager) and Miguel Pereira (Petrogal Brasil CEO)

This Forum intends to bring together the CEOs of oil and gas companies in Brazil for a debate about the opportunities and challenges of the petroleum industry in Brazil, which are strongly related to the geophysics activities.

The Forum will last for approximately 2.5 hours (two hours and 30 minutes). Its structure will be based on answers for the questions prepared by the moderator, Ricardo Rosa Fernandes, Secretary of SBGf Institutional Relations, followed by a debate among the attendees and a period for the answers to the questions made by the audience.