1 August – 13:55-14:20
From solar eruptions to transformer saturations: following the chain of Sun-Earth connections.
Invited Speaker: Larisa Trichtchenko, Natural Resources Canada.

1 August – 13:55-14:20
Depth Imaging - More than PSDM.
Invited Speaker: David Kessler, Seismiccity.

1 August – 13:55-14:20
The Differentiated Petroleum Potential of the Spectrum of Types of Passive Margins.
Invited Speaker: Pedro Zalán, ZAG Consultoria.

1 August – 13:55-14:20
Large scale geomechanical and flow simulations for time-lapse seismic applications.
Invited Speaker: Jorg Herwanger, MP Geomechanics.

1 August – 13:55-14:20
Multidimensional seismic data reconstruction: Recent advances and the road ahead.
Invited Speaker: Mauricio Sacchi, University of Alberta.

1 August – 14:45-15:35

Multiparametric traveltimes: Concepts and applications.
Lecturer: Martin Tygel, University of Campinas.

2 August – 13:55-14:20
Comparisons between Red Sea and South Atlantic.
Invited Speaker: Webster Mohriak, UERJ.

2 August – 08:55-09:45
New Interferometric Imaging Methods: Parsimonious Interferometry and Supervirtual Interferometry+Tomography for Far-Offset Refractions.
Invited Speaker: Gerard Schuster, King Abdulah Univesrity of Sciences and Technology.

2 August – 13:55-14:20
Hard Rock Petrophysics in Mineral Exploration: Time for a Re-Think?
Invited Speaker: Michael Dentith, University of Western Australia.

2 August – 13:55-14:20
4D simultaneous full waveform inversion (FWI) for integrated reservoir monitoring?
Invited Speaker: Biondo Biondi, Stanford University.

2 August – 08:55-09:45
Seismic marine acquisition with autonomous marine vehicles: potential for offshore exploration in Brazil.
Invited Speaker: Nick Moldoveanu, Schlumberger-WesternGeco.

2 August – 10:20-10:45
Rocks, fluids, and Bayes’ rule: how to quantitatively characterize the subsurface.
Invited Speaker: Dario Grana, University of Wyoming.

2 August – 13:55-14:20
Digital Rock Physics.
Invited Speaker: Tapan Mukerji, Stanford University.

3 August – 08:55-09:20
Introduction to Robust Linear Algebra with Applications to Sparse Linear Inversion and the RTM Imaging Condition.
Invited Speaker: Craig Beasley, Schlumberger.