For 15th CISBGf, as we have selected a venue located in the downtown area, the Organizing Committee is not offering Conference Transportation.

The transportation options are: Subway, Car, Taxi and Bus.

Subway / Metro / Underground

  • We recommend all delegates to use the Subway, the easiest way to get around in Rio de Janeiro. The nearest station of the Convention Center is ESTACIO (subway map).
  • Mondays through Fridays: Three simultaneous subways lines are running. If you take the train in any other station, make sure to take the red line “Jardim Oceânico - Saens Peña” and get off at the Estácio station.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: Take the subway line one and get off at the Estácio Station.
  • The cost for a one way Subway ticket is R$ 3.70 (around U$ 0,90) and we recommend you purchase a pre-paid card valid for the entire duration of the event.


  • Car parking: R$ 40,00 (forty reais) per day per car inside the SulAmérica Convention Center.  
  • Business hours: 7am to 11pm.
  • View map here 

Rio de Janeiro Airport

Arriving at Rio de Janeiro International Airport, you can choose from two different types of taxi to reach your destination:

  • Special taxis (red, blue, silver, green or white)
  • etter cared for vehicles, with air conditioning and more room for luggage. Prices are pre-set according to the destination and tickets are purchased inside the airport in a booth at the same area where you pick up your luggage. They accept international credit cards or Brazilian Reais (BRL or R$). Normally their fare is higher than the common taxis, but this is a more convenient alternative.
  • Common Taxis (yellow)
  • Common taxis are found as you exit the airport, just outside the airport building. They have a fare meter and the price is usually lower than the special taxis. You pay for what is shown on the meter, but in local currency. No credit card or foreign currency is accepted. There is an organized line of waiting passengers, and be sure to ask for air conditioning.


On the Hotels

Most hotels in Rio de Janeiro are located along the southern beaches, in neighborhoods like Flamengo, Botafogo, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. There are options in downtown as well, which are conveniently close to the event's venue.

  • Taxis are currently available outside the hotel, just ask the doorman to find one for you.
  • Most of the hotels have both common (with meter) and special (without meter) taxis outside, feel free to take either one.
  • If you choose common, be sure to ask for air conditioning. You can refuse a taxi if the car is in bad condition.
  • If you choose special, be sure to ask for the fare applied to your destination before you get into the taxi.

Outside for dinner or entertainment

  • If you are going out in the evening, we recommend you to schedule the return by taxi or call one by phone either common or special. There are plenty of taxi companies with around the clock service, just ask the hotel front desk for information.
  • Most restaurants have taxis outside and they will be pleased to help you, either attending or calling another taxi for your return.
  • So far we recommend you always take the hotel direction with you. Rio de Janeiro is a touristic place and the majority of the taxi drivers know all the hotels in town.
  • Please carry change.