Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the presentation be in Portuguese or just English?

The official language of the event is English, as this is an international event, it is recommended to be in English, however speaking in Portuguese will be accepted with the slides (text) in English. But be aware that your presentation will have a smaller audience.

2. Who will participate live and need to participate on the connection test?

On page 2 of the Speaker Guide are explained the different formats of participation and which will be the live broadcasts. The connection test will be for live broadcasts only.

3. How will the oral sessions be organized?

All Oral Technical Sessions will be pre-recorded with a time table for presentations and 5 minutes for answering questions live. All presentations will be available for 60 days on the platform after the event.

4. How will the poster sessions be organized?

Posters will be on demand, that is, there will be no time table reserved for posters, they will be available throughout the event and for 60 days on the platform after the event, as well as the oral presentations.

5. Where can I find the poster template?

As the presentation will be watched on a computer screen, we recommend the same template as the oral presentation, that is, in slide format, as viewing will be easier, we recommend 5 to 10 slides for the poster presentation.

6. How long are the presentation, how long is the tolerance?

Oral presentation is 15 minutes and 5 minutes for a question, so if it exceeds the 15 minutes there will be less time to answer the questions; poster presentation the audio is recommended 5 minutes long with a tolerance of 2 more minutes.

7. Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, as with a face-to-face event and any international event, all presenters must register for the event to participate.

8. Do all authors need to be registered for the event?

No, but whoever will present the work need to be registered, even if prerecorded.

9. How do I upload my presentation video?

The first author of each work has received an email link to access a folder and upload their material. If you have not received it, send an email

10. Is my image mandatory in the oral presentation?

No. Just a video with the slides and your voice. A video with the presenter image is recommended.

11. How do I record my video?

Follow the instructions on how to record a video using the Microsoft package but many videos and tutorials can be found on the internet.