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Seminário on-line do Departamento de Geofísica do IAG/USP – 02/09

Título: Induced seismicity associated with wastewater injection and geological carbon sequestration in the United States: A coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics perspective

Resumo: In this talk, I discuss the physical mechanisms that result in the occurrence of induced seismicity associated with wastewater injection and geological carbon sequestration. The disposal of significant amounts of wastewater in subsurface, from hydraulic fracturing operations, resulted in significant increase in seismicity in the central United States. Similarly, although large-scale geological carbon sequestration is assumed to be an efficient climate change mitigation technology, its impact on induced seismicity (like the wastewater injection case) is still unclear. Therefore, it is important to understand the mechanisms that can lead to induced seismicity associated with a given injection operation and design strategies to mitigate its occurrence. I investigate this problem by performing numerical simulations of coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics using realistic subsurface geological models to investigate the conditions that result in earthquake occurrence and potential mitigation strategies.

Data:  02/09/2021 (quinta-feira).
Horário: às 16h30.
Local:  Transmitida através do YouTube no link.
Palestrante: Dr. Josimar A. Silva – Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University

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