The Opening Ceremony was held yesterday – 17º CISBGf

The Master of Ceremony was Carlos Belem (EXPOGEf & Sponsorship Committee). The SBGf President, Roberta Vidotti; the 17th CISBGf Chairman, Marco Latgé; and the Finance Director, Rui Pinheiro, participated on-site at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

The opening ceremony was attended remotely by the last SBGf president, Ellen Gomes; and Director of the Institute of Geosciences at UFF, Angelica Di Maio.

In the Opening Session, the Keynote Speaker was Paulo Johann (Petrobras).

And at the end, Gustavo Catão (Technical Program Committee) talked about the technical sessions.

If you didn’t watch the Opening Ceremony, it’s available on Youtube.

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