Pore Pressure Estimation for Shaly Sand Formations Using Rock Physics Models For Compressional and Shear Velocities: A 1D Geomechanical Approach

Renzo Francia, Fernando Sergio de Moraes


Pore pressure estimation in sedimentary basins has been made exclusively through the compressional velocity data since the 1960s, using the normal compaction trend and lithostatic pressure profile derived from wireline logs. Considering that seismic velocity is highly dependent on petrophysical parameters such as porosity and clay volume, pore pressure estimation is commonly associated with a high degree of uncertainty due to simplistic assumptions that neglect those dependencies. To improve that, we propose two empirical velocity models based on compressional and shear rock physics relations for pore pressure prediction in shaly sand formations. These formulations extend Bowers and Doyen formulae, linking compressional and shear velocities with effective stress and petrophysical parameters. Finally, we used a non-linear multidimensional inversion approach to calibrate the proposed models and apply them in the context of a 1D geomechanics and pore pressure prediction study of an upper cretaceous overpressured shaly sand oil reservoir. The results show good agreement with pore pressure data and pressure predictions from the traditional Eaton method. The advantage of the proposed approach is its consistency throughout the entire well-log petrophysical interpretation workflow, especially concerning porosity, clay volume and saturation.   



compaction; overpressure; prediction

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22564/brjg.v40i3.2169

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