Features of Phase Spectrum and its Calculation in the Seismic Data Processing

Georgy Mikhailovich Mitrofanov, Viatcheslav Ivanovich Priimenko


Using simple examples we show the main features of the phase spectra, which have to be taken into account in seismic data processing. In this case
the peculiarities of phase spectra processing in terms of probabilistic and statistical characteristics are considered. Based on previous theoretical results and using the
results of the analysis of the spectra calculated for the real seismic signals, there are formulated simple criteria to ensure high performance and stability of the statistical
procedures for the phase spectra processing. It allowed us to construct a simple procedure for continuous extension of the phase spectra of signals observed on real
traces, and thereby ensure the uniqueness of their determination. The uniqueness is important for the joint processing and analysis of large sets of phase spectra,
calculated from the observed seismic signals. Such obtained spectra can be effectively used in various practical problems. Thus, based on the analysis of synthetic
and real data, we show that using the phase spectrum can reduce the zone of uncertainty in determining the pinch-out points of a horizon.

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