Brazilian Journal of Geophysics

The Brazilian Journal of Geophysics (BrJG) is an open access journal, internationally recognized and ranked. BrJG publishes technical and scientific articles to further scholarly communication among academics and researchers, sharing and disseminating their research in related areas of Earth Sciences.

In order to contribute to the diffusion of geoscientific production, there is no fee for article submission and publication, free for authors members or non-members of Brazilian Geophysical Society.

The journal is always open to the submission of unpublished and original manuscripts. The articles are published online under the Ahead of Print model, as soon as these have been revised and approved by reviewers by the double-blind peer review system. The articles can be cited using the DOI as the reference source.

Contents published since 1997 are available online here.

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BrJG: 40 years


BrJG: 40 years

In 2022, the Brazilian Journal of Geophysics (BrJG) is celebrating 40 years of uninterrupted publication by SBGf.

With an experienced team of Associate Editors, BrJG is a quarterly journal devoted to the national and international dissemination of scientific and technical research.
Posted: 2022-03-25

Latest Issue

Vol 40, No 1 (2022)

(ahead of print)

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Alessandra de Barros e Silva Bongiolo, Luizemara Soares Alves Szameitat, Rodoilton Stevanato, Rafael Espíndola Canata, Henrique Garcia Pereira, Francesco Antonelli
Jéssica de Souza Moreira, Maria Clara Lopes Paula, Welitom Rodrigues Borges, Antônio Lazaro Ferreira Santos, Eduardo Xavier Seimetz
Marcos V. M. Santos, Antonio T. Reis, Cleverson Guizan Silva, Marcus Aguiar Gorini, Natália Caldas Albuquerque
Jennifer Ribeiro, Paulo S. L. Oliveira Júnior, Leandro O. Pereira, Renato P. Freitas, André R. Pimenta, Andrés R. R. Papa, Douglas S. R. Ferreira