Workshop The Deep and Ultra-Deep Waters of the Equatorial Margin Of Brazil
Workshop The Deep and Ultra-Deep Waters of the Equatorial Margin Of Brazil

Day 1: Monday, November 21st

8:00 Coffee & Registration
8:50 Welcome and Aims (Co-Chairs TBC)

Session I: What is Reservoir Monitoring Today Businesswise? Facilitated by Diego Chagas, Petrobras

9:00 Roberta Mendes, General Manager of Reservoir Technologies. Petrobras
9:25 The Economic Gains of Reservoir Monitoring. Babak Jafarizadeh, Heriot-Watt University
9:50 Seismic Monitoring in the Balder area Norway: The Past, The Present and The Future. Alexandre Bertrand, Vår Energi
10:15 The Value of Geophysical Reservoir Monitoring – Best Practice in Equinor Mona Andersen, Equinor
10:40 Discussion Session
10:40 Coffee Break a.m.

Session II: 4D and Geomechanics Facilitated by Colin MacBeth, Heriot-Watt University

11:30 4D Geomechanics in Practice: 20 years of Monitoring Rocks Under Stress. Jon Brain, Shell
11:55 A Tiered workflow for Probabilistic Estimation of Pressure and Saturation Changes from 4D Seismic Data. Gustavo Corte, Heriot-Watt University
12:20 Pore Pressure Monitoring in a Chalk Gas Reservoir Using Surface-wave Velocity Variations. Eldert Fokker, Utrecht University
12:45 Discussion Session
13:10 Lunch

Session III: Conventional to Advanced Technologies. Facilitated by Carlos Eduardo Abreu, Petrobras

14:30 Next Generation Seismic Acquisition Equipment for Reservoir Monitoring. Thomas Elboth, Shearwater
14:55 Nonhyperbolic Five-Parameter Travel-time Approximation for Converted Wave and OBN Data. Jonas Mendonça Targino, POLI-USP
15:20 Velocity Analysis of PSP Travel-time Events for OBN Data. Jonas Mendonça Targino, POLI-USP
15:45 Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Wave Logging Detection Signal in Homogeneous Anisotropic Formation. Xiaoyu Yang, China University Of Petroleum (East China)
16:10 Discussion Session
16:30 Coffee Break p.m.

Session IV: How Do We Integrate Monitoring Information? Facilitated by (Chair TBC) Facilitated by Carlos Eduardo Abreu, Petrobras

16:35 Efficient Multi-scale Multi-physics Modelling of Leakage Processes to Plan Monitoring Strategies Florian Doster, Heriot-Watt University
17:00 Enhancing 4D Seismic History Matching and Reservoir Monitoring by Local Exploration of the Uncertainty Space of Seismic Data Rasool Amiri Kolajoobi, Heriot-watt University
17:25 Discussion Session

Day 2: Tuesday November 22nd

Session V: What is the role of Reservoir Monitoring in the Energy Transition? Facilitated by Jorge Lopez, Shell

9:00 CCS Monitoring: Why and How? Estelle Rebel, Philippe Solans & Vladislav Lesnikov, TotalEnergies
9:25 Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Reservoir and CO2 Storage Monitoring Samantha Grandi, Shell Houston
9:50 Deepwater Reservoir Monitoring: An Advantage during the Energy Transition. William Burnett, Exxon Mobil
10:15 Surface distributed acoustic sensing for cost effective CO2 monitoring: Selected findings from an industrial scale field experiment Gabriele Busanello, Schlumberger
10:40 Discussion Session
11:00 Coffee Break am

Session VI: ML Data-Driven vs Physics-Based Approaches. Facilitated by Christian Deplant

11:20 Answering questions about the 3D subsurface using seismic data and methods from machine learning. Andrew Curtis, University of Edinburgh
11:45 An Integrated Machine-Learning Inverse Workflow to Estimate Fluid Variations Utilizing Seismic and Engineering Data. Marcus Cirne, University of Campinas
12:10 Using a data and physics in a machine learning workflow to reduce injection water and improve carbon emissions intensity. Carlos Calad, Tachyus
12:35 Discussion Session
13:00 Lunch

Session VII: Reservoir Monitoring for Pre-Salt Reservoirs Facilitated Colin MacBeth, Heriot-Watt University

14:00 Integrated interpretation and insights gained from the first pre-salt 4D dataset. Dan Clarke, Shell
14:25 Tupi 4D Nodes Seismic Pilot: Challenges, results, and the road ahead. Nathalia Martinho, Petrobras
15:15 Coffee Break p.m
15:40 4D Seismic: good practices on Pre-Salt reservoirs Marcos Grochau, Petrobras
16:05 Model-based reservoir monitoring and management (pre-salt applications) Denis Schiozer, UNICAMP
16:30 Seismic Monitoring of a Supergiant oilfield: the Buzios case Monica Maria Muzzete da Costa, Petrobras
16:55 Discussion Session

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